CORE Discipleship Groups

Our CORE discipleship groups meet on Wednesday nights at 6:15pm. Here is everything you need to know…


 “Living As A Church”

  • Description: From the History & Theology Track, which helps expose us to the history and doctrine of the church
  • Teacher: Justin McAlpin
  • Location: Sanctuary


  • Description: From the Christian Discipleship Track, which is designed to give insight for how we can grow as a Christian.
  • Teacher: David Burdeshaw
  • Location: Fellowship Hall


*** Students:

“Explaining Christianity” (for 6-8 graders)

  • Description: Understanding the essentials of the Christian faith.
  • Teacher: Hunter Sandoval
  • Location: Refuge

“Biblical Theology 102” (for 9-12 graders)

  • Description: Jesus is at the center of Scripture’s story.
  • Teacher: Terrance Andrews
  • Location: Refuge



If you have any questions, please contact David Burdeshaw at or 256-353-8239.